Father's Day, Fathers Heart

  • Entry 66 08:36 by Nile Flame

Do you believe in second chances?

Less than 24 hours and 55% off site wide is gone forever. Or so I said. Like I really like to give chances to my own detriment at times.

I had difficulty opening this shop because to be honest what I’m selling is my own person unique style. People always asking me where I get my clothes and accessories from. More often times than not it’s custom, made it myself or I sought out a specific product idea in my head.

Wooden accessories has been a love of mine since 16 when I got my first praying hands wooden necklace. I got me and my brother one. We had different taste, but could always come together on standing out in fashion. In high school, wallet chains where band, so we choose to use ties instead and had ties hanging out our pocket. I knew then I was going to open a all wooden accessories and hip-hop shop, but waited patiently as I learned more business and how to be independent.

Thanks to those that taught me the way I now have a blueprint. And thanks to y’all I have faith that it's possible. Thanks to the orders received already.

Today is the last day, but because ur a part of what I’m building and leveled up ur membership with Majestic Gang( If ur reading this ur level 2 because you get my emails) here's an exclusive code. Use code LEVEL2 for 7 more days and get 55% off ur entire order. I appreciate ur energy ur majesty.

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Stay luxurious

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