My Son Is Missing

In other news, my son went missing yesterday afternoon from his mom house. I hadn’t seen or spoken to him in a month. I desired to be father full time. His mother desires full control over her own life which translates to controlling her kids and anyone she’s connected to. Our differences led me to choose the most peaceful option for our son and not argue or fight with her. Which meant he stays with her though he doesn’t want to and preferred to live with me. He’s 13 years old and has been through life like a child in foster care. From 8 years old until now we’ve been his raising him. In that time until recently I’ve been teaching him every single thing I can about being a black man in America and how to survive on his own. Thrive even if he so chose to do so. I don’t know the outcome of this, but I appreciate all positive energy and thoughts towards his safe coming home.

All support helps. In worst case scenario their life insurance in place through his mom and me. But tbh financially I’ve been lacking, and my policy could have lapsed. This is uncomfortable to write and even more uncomfortable to do, but without facing my reality I can’t change it.

Y’all have seen me post my shop so if you feel compelled to help in any just buy something there. I don't need or want handouts because my family motto is We Got Us. This is said everyday twice a day. My son even knows it. Thanks for reading thus far, it’s a rant at this point. Go to and use code “DADDY” for 33% off ur entire order. Despite this situation I am aiming to stay focused on building the future for my son when he returns.

Father's Day, Fathers Heart

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Do you believe in second chances?

Less than 24 hours and 55% off site wide is gone forever. Or so I said. Like I really like to give chances to my own detriment at times.

I had difficulty opening this shop because to be honest what I’m selling is my own person unique style. People always asking me where I get my clothes and accessories from. More often times than not it’s custom, made it myself or I sought out a specific product idea in my head.

Wooden accessories has been a love of mine since 16 when I got my first praying hands wooden necklace. I got me and my brother one. We had different taste, but could always come together on standing out in fashion. In high school, wallet chains where band, so we choose to use ties instead and had ties hanging out our pocket. I knew then I was going to open a all wooden accessories and hip-hop shop, but waited patiently as I learned more business and how to be independent.

Thanks to those that taught me the way I now have a blueprint. And thanks to y’all I have faith that it's possible. Thanks to the orders received already.

Today is the last day, but because ur a part of what I’m building and leveled up ur membership with Majestic Gang( If ur reading this ur level 2 because you get my emails) here's an exclusive code. Use code LEVEL2 for 7 more days and get 55% off ur entire order. I appreciate ur energy ur majesty.

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Memorial Day Weekend Sale: Honor Nile Flame and Veterans with Majestic Gang Shop

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image description Dear Ur Majesty,

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Nile Flame Majestic Gang Shop

First journal entry in a year and four days! Theirs so much to catch you up on. For Daily updates follow me on Instagram here or @hiphopyoda. I was a homeless veteran for years and now I see myself as a nomad. It's all perspective. In honor of all homeless veterans I offer you a way to support a once homeless. Every sale contributes to helping veterans like myself stay off the street. Some of sales are used to help veterans.

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As you begin to understand yourself more and know your worth more, your value increases and not just internally. Externally as well. Subsequently you have to monitor this whole process from within your brain and flow with it. What does this mean? This means that if you don't start charging for your self worth no one will ever want to pay for it and it doesn't mean they respect you less, but it does mean that internally you will eventually feel inadequate. I've been through this and have overcame it.

To overcome it I had to start getting comfortable with uncomfortable decisions. Charge for things I'd normally do for free. Double price for things I was barely making a profit off of. As nice as I wanted to be and help others My family needs me to elevate so I can elevate us all and it cost time and money to do this. This is how this modern world is operated. Bartering died centuries ago and is rarely practiced if practiced at all. So sorry, but I'm not sorry that you been watching me and didn't see the value in having access to Majestic Gang for free.

After October 9th, 2020 it will never be free again. Like EVER AGAIN. Right now the price is $29.99 because I just turned 29 and have some huge goals to accomplish in the next year and want you to be apart of this journey. I can't guarantee the price won't raise, but I can guarantee I will deliver and uphold everything you see me say and do even if it kills me. Y'all my royal family and your loyalty to my journey means everything. Thanks for supporting me. Email me, Text me or DM before October 9th to still be added to Majestic Gang for free. This is your last chance.

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Though it premiers tomorrow on YouTube because you're apart of the gang you get to see it right now! See it below. After you watch it click here and share the youtube video & let's prepare the world for this release! Thank you for supporting me on this journey. I love you.


If you're reading this after 4/30 then now you have a prime example of type of benefits in being in the gang! Stay alert for more!


This crisis just forced me to do what I had been procrastinating on slightly anyway. As of this week you can expect updates weekly via email Gang. I made this blog post just to tell you that. Consistency is the most important thing person to person or to manipulate and control the energy that surrounds you. That surrounds all of us. Consistency gets the job done on every level and it beats out all other systems. The tortoise and the hare's famous story for example. No matter how skillful you are if you don't hone your skills then execute using them on a regularly basis eventually they become has-been and things of your colorful past. Stay consistent family. And remember that you're not alone. We're all building our empire together one brick at a time. I love you.

Meet My Studio Team

Bohemia Studios Okay there's definitely more than just me, but the people holding the camera and behind the scenes are how I'm able to function and they are the reason you're reading this post. Without you and them I wouldn't be here. So this an appreciation post. Thank you for everything.

Make Plays and not Announcements


I'm sure you came into the new year happy and loved and enjoying your loved ones and if you didn't I love you and you're invited to for drinks with the gang next this year. I put myself on a time clock so I'll keep this short and sweet. I am releasing a new song and music video this month. Music video for Silence at which that point the single is free for all that visit my site. And the new song is called Plays. Pre save it now and checkout the cool as last minute album art I thought of! Let me know how you feel about it. I love you gang! image description


The second new year is coming and I got a lot to speak into existence as it is so. This rant started on my instagram. This is a continuation of what will be the pivotal conversation in my mind that takes me to new heights. Heights I've been afraid of. Heights I have ran away from. This mountain must be climbed for all things within my realm are beyond me now and out of my control. Desire, prays, wishes, dreams and all the above that have been put into the ether 10+ years ago are all coming to fruition with little to no present day effort being put into them because again they were catapulted from years ago and are now reaching me in the present.

What are these things I speak of going into my 2nd new year? Love & Wealth. Let's start with those two. I have always loved hard. I mean so hard that it's caused me pain and eventually I thought the pain was love causing me to become a person that caused pain for a stint of time in my very young life. I have been an abuser. I have taken advantage of others ignorance and/or youth. I have schemed, finessed, stolen, robbed, & stolen from those which I once said I loved. All to prove how much I loved people and the world. And it all taught me one thing. Ownership.

I am a collective of all my experiences, actions, reactions, and decisions. If I don't own every single one of those things than I am leaving room for someone to own a piece of me or even all of me. I came to conclusion after speaking with me selves that that's not something we will allow. So I took ownership of what I did or didn't do. I owned that like it's all the possessions I have in the world. And almost instantly after doing that the first level of wealth was at my door step. To me the first level of wealth is partnership. No matter how you obtain wealth the lack of partnership will make the journey more difficult and at the very least leave you lonely with your wealth when you obtain it alone. I have always been an intellectual so the only type of partners I need to take any business I create to new heights are insightful collective minds to have faith in the vision as I execute. That's what fuels me. And any person who works for themselves knows damn well with no fuel we are going nowhere really fast. We plateau over and over without the energy to fuel ourselves to breakthrough. So I acquired that. I have worked with a black owned transportation services company as the only company I work for after committing to not working for a W2 anymore in April 2019 and it's been a surreal experience to say the least. I'll just say where we take his business and other endeavors you shouldn't be shocked by.

Now the love that I so eloquently spoke of earlier is a very short story. I swiped right and have met what is coming along to be the greatest partner in all aspects of life. I've not spoken about this publicly often and this is about all I'll say about it here. I am committed to those who have committed to me. The more you commit the more I'll create an environment for which you can feel comfortable and free to be yourself. That is all. Have an amazing 2020 & start it off like the year is already over and you've lost all time to do whatever you've been procrastinating on. I always end a year talking not about the year to come, but the year after, because all the hard work we do in 2020 won't show half as much of the results as it'll show in the coming years. So keep grinding, keep hustling and ignore all distractions. You are exactly where you need to be to accomplish what you need to. One step at a time, but never stop taking steps.

P.S. I am working on new merch and need your help. I went in detail on the Majestic Gang facebook group, but I'll briefly say it here. The pictures below are all I need you to do to help me create some of my best merch yet. Take a picture just like or similar to it making sure your full face can be seen then wait to see what I release. See ya'll next year. image description image description image description

👑Kings & Queens Deserve Royalty

🚨 UPDATE 02-14-2022 🚨 So I know how I'm going to do it and that's with NFT & Tokenization of my brand! In 2019 when I thought of this idea I had no idea it'd be possible this soon! Become a Royal Member for free right now to be the first to have access! Click here!


So I'm studying branding and marketing and one of my assignments was to create memes based off my music. Bonus was to include a picture. In doing this I ended up with the meme you seen above. The notion kinda just came to me and I created this without thinking twice. It didn't hit me until after I shared with a few people that majestic & royalty are words that coincide with each other. And y'all know me, I get an idea and I just act on it. So here we are. Below are terms and conditions to this. And they are subject change at any time. Also you can only do this once! Let's go!

Terms & Conditions: Majestic Gang Music Royalties Payout Eligibility 1. Be a royal member. 2. Email me from same email you signed up with and name, way you'd like to be paid, and address. 3. Only the next 100 supporters from now until 12 months from now [November 16, 2020]

Payments 1. 1% of my royalties earned in a calendar year will be split between these 100. 1.1 You'll be paid out the royalties earned from the date you sign up until a year later on same date forever. 2. Payments will either be check mailed to you or cashapp.

The details have to get more refined, but above is the gist of it. So if you have any interest in being a lifelong supporter even after life then click the link below and join the Majestic Gang.