The second new year is coming and I got a lot to speak into existence as it is so. This rant started on my instagram. This is a continuation of what will be the pivotal conversation in my mind that takes me to new heights. Heights I've been afraid of. Heights I have ran away from. This mountain must be climbed for all things within my realm are beyond me now and out of my control. Desire, prays, wishes, dreams and all the above that have been put into the ether 10+ years ago are all coming to fruition with little to no present day effort being put into them because again they were catapulted from years ago and are now reaching me in the present.

What are these things I speak of going into my 2nd new year? Love & Wealth. Let's start with those two. I have always loved hard. I mean so hard that it's caused me pain and eventually I thought the pain was love causing me to become a person that caused pain for a stint of time in my very young life. I have been an abuser. I have taken advantage of others ignorance and/or youth. I have schemed, finessed, stolen, robbed, & stolen from those which I once said I loved. All to prove how much I loved people and the world. And it all taught me one thing. Ownership.

I am a collective of all my experiences, actions, reactions, and decisions. If I don't own every single one of those things than I am leaving room for someone to own a piece of me or even all of me. I came to conclusion after speaking with me selves that that's not something we will allow. So I took ownership of what I did or didn't do. I owned that like it's all the possessions I have in the world. And almost instantly after doing that the first level of wealth was at my door step. To me the first level of wealth is partnership. No matter how you obtain wealth the lack of partnership will make the journey more difficult and at the very least leave you lonely with your wealth when you obtain it alone. I have always been an intellectual so the only type of partners I need to take any business I create to new heights are insightful collective minds to have faith in the vision as I execute. That's what fuels me. And any person who works for themselves knows damn well with no fuel we are going nowhere really fast. We plateau over and over without the energy to fuel ourselves to breakthrough. So I acquired that. I have worked with a black owned transportation services company as the only company I work for after committing to not working for a W2 anymore in April 2019 and it's been a surreal experience to say the least. I'll just say where we take his business and other endeavors you shouldn't be shocked by.

Now the love that I so eloquently spoke of earlier is a very short story. I swiped right and have met what is coming along to be the greatest partner in all aspects of life. I've not spoken about this publicly often and this is about all I'll say about it here. I am committed to those who have committed to me. The more you commit the more I'll create an environment for which you can feel comfortable and free to be yourself. That is all. Have an amazing 2020 & start it off like the year is already over and you've lost all time to do whatever you've been procrastinating on. I always end a year talking not about the year to come, but the year after, because all the hard work we do in 2020 won't show half as much of the results as it'll show in the coming years. So keep grinding, keep hustling and ignore all distractions. You are exactly where you need to be to accomplish what you need to. One step at a time, but never stop taking steps.

P.S. I am working on new merch and need your help. I went in detail on the Majestic Gang facebook group, but I'll briefly say it here. The pictures below are all I need you to do to help me create some of my best merch yet. Take a picture just like or similar to it making sure your full face can be seen then wait to see what I release. See ya'll next year. image description image description image description