As you begin to understand yourself more and know your worth more, your value increases and not just internally. Externally as well. Subsequently you have to monitor this whole process from within your brain and flow with it. What does this mean? This means that if you don't start charging for your self worth no one will ever want to pay for it and it doesn't mean they respect you less, but it does mean that internally you will eventually feel inadequate. I've been through this and have overcame it.

To overcome it I had to start getting comfortable with uncomfortable decisions. Charge for things I'd normally do for free. Double price for things I was barely making a profit off of. As nice as I wanted to be and help others My family needs me to elevate so I can elevate us all and it cost time and money to do this. This is how this modern world is operated. Bartering died centuries ago and is rarely practiced if practiced at all. So sorry, but I'm not sorry that you been watching me and didn't see the value in having access to Majestic Gang for free.

After October 9th, 2020 it will never be free again. Like EVER AGAIN. Right now the price is $29.99 because I just turned 29 and have some huge goals to accomplish in the next year and want you to be apart of this journey. I can't guarantee the price won't raise, but I can guarantee I will deliver and uphold everything you see me say and do even if it kills me. Y'all my royal family and your loyalty to my journey means everything. Thanks for supporting me. Email me, Text me or DM before October 9th to still be added to Majestic Gang for free. This is your last chance.

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