My Son Is Missing

In other news, my son went missing yesterday afternoon from his mom house. I hadn’t seen or spoken to him in a month. I desired to be father full time. His mother desires full control over her own life which translates to controlling her kids and anyone she’s connected to. Our differences led me to choose the most peaceful option for our son and not argue or fight with her. Which meant he stays with her though he doesn’t want to and preferred to live with me. He’s 13 years old and has been through life like a child in foster care. From 8 years old until now we’ve been his raising him. In that time until recently I’ve been teaching him every single thing I can about being a black man in America and how to survive on his own. Thrive even if he so chose to do so. I don’t know the outcome of this, but I appreciate all positive energy and thoughts towards his safe coming home.

All support helps. In worst case scenario their life insurance in place through his mom and me. But tbh financially I’ve been lacking, and my policy could have lapsed. This is uncomfortable to write and even more uncomfortable to do, but without facing my reality I can’t change it.

Y’all have seen me post my shop so if you feel compelled to help in any just buy something there. I don't need or want handouts because my family motto is We Got Us. This is said everyday twice a day. My son even knows it. Thanks for reading thus far, it’s a rant at this point. Go to and use code “DADDY” for 33% off ur entire order. Despite this situation I am aiming to stay focused on building the future for my son when he returns.