Don Talk feat Sylas Haven(prod. by DopeStudio) - Nile Flame

Don Talk feat Sylas Haven(prod. by DopeStudio)

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Don Talk

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If your only asset

Is your ass bet

Sylas Haven:

Tired of these rotten hoes getting upset

Tired of these dumb jokes getting thrown at me

Like you can say whatever you want

Like my homegirl won't pull up to the front of your lawn

And kick your door bitch

It's a home invasion

Fuck whatever you want to say

With your last breathe save it

I ain't tryna hear shit

Unless it's ass getting beat

Tryna put face to chest

To your face

Look, Look

Like my pocket

When they on swole

Oh I'm so out of pocket

When I'm losing control

But when you do it

It's whatever and nobody's fault

And then you tell me

I ain't gotta worry about it no more

When we both know that's a lie

Nice try

Maybe four years ago

I would've stuck to nice guy

I'm done having you argue

With me to buy time

Fuck all that

I'm cool, chilling

Into new heights

Nile Flame:

If your only asset

Is your ass bet

We gone make a only fans

She a pro most not fit to be her man


It's over when we innerstand

you simping you don't stand a chance

Hope you sitting in advance

I'm the bad news they been dreading

Locked in, if we don't fall

They in pain fentanyl

Can't fix

Wasn't born rich

So we get it

By any means necessary

I don't need no tooth fairy

If the shoe fit wear it

Majestic Gang esoteric

I put the Mer in merit

I monetize you staring

My faring is so daring

Are you not entertained

This a gladiator ring

I make it look like a runway

This designer on me

Designed it myself

Yeah I'm full of myself

While you full of shit

If you think you who she leaving with

You a dimwit

Don Talk