Jackie (prod. by Makaih Beats) *DEMO* - Nile Flame

Jackie (prod. by Makaih Beats) *DEMO*

Origin story of Nile Flame aka Nile Flame Diss

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Jackie(prod. by Makaih Beats)

This was a freestyle and I don't have the lyrics written down anywhere. Close your eyes and listen to the first chapter of my story. I want you to really imagine winter in Philly in 1991. A black president was "impossible. Trump being president was still a joke. Memes didn't exist. Social Media didn't have a name and this internet space was considered "dark web" so no one could get a simple list really fast on how to prepare for Y2K.

It's 2022 now and I have had encounters with death since the day I was born. I'm still here for a reason and everyone that knows me know it and now you will know it too. Enjoy.

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