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Royalty App(COMING SOON)

COMING SOON. Version 1.0 of my artist app. In the Nile Flame Shell.

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UPDATE Changed the name to Royalty. For many reasons. Here's a few.

  1. It is the core of the i4eva mindset.

  2. IP(Intellectual Property) in my industry is called royalties(currency owed for anywhere my music is played)

  3. I have offered my family friends a piece of my royalties.

  4. Other artist that may use the model I've created will be creating their own app taking control of their royalties in a new way.

Release Phases

Phase 1. This app will be available to Nile Flame & Beta testers.(inquire below)

Phase 2. App will be sent to app store and available for all Royal Members of Majestic Gang(paid members)

Phase 3. App will be available for all members of Majestic Gang(Limited Free Version)

Phase 4. Shell Development created that allows any artists or creator to make an app using the shell of an app we already created. Immediately available in app store once finished

Phase 5. Other Artist and content creators will beta test the shell and create their own app.

Phase 6. Seek funding for the app to take it global.(Contact me if you want to invest)

Phase 7. Launch the app worldwide for all artist and content creators.

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